Over 18 Years of Experience in Hospitality Industry

With over 18 years of experience in hospitality industry, Adarsh Shetty, has acclaimed expertise in leading efficacious executive teams, negotiating and conducting management, consulting contracts and delivering expected gains right to the bottom line..

A university graduate from Bengaluru; he has travelled extensively throughout the Europe and Asia, and also studied Interior Design briefly. Before endowing Angad Hospitality which gave life to the brand name ‘Monarch Boutique’, he founded other hospitality companies namely – 3 Forks Hospitality, undertaking the brand ‘Rude Lounge’, Golden Fork Hospitality, Sai Group Private Limited; Aroma Hospitality which holds the Hotel brand – ‘Travel In’ in Dharwad; and ‘South Coast’- a Hotel brand in Manipal.

A foodie essentially, a successful entrepreneur, an innovator, a visionary; he has been a mentor for his colleagues. Albeit following a diet plan and a fitness regime, South Indian cuisine still rests as his favored food and so does Bollywood. He has been very active in connecting with luminaries and various personalities, and involving them for stirring his brands. He believes in working out the creative aspects of any business with diligence and right strategy. His austerity for achieving his business goals comes from a sincere and compassionate heart.

As Aristotle said – “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Adarsh is a firm believer of this mantra.

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